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  • Alex Moore is an experienced Producer, Engineer, and ProTools editor/mixer who can record, edit, and comp your vocals and drums quickly.

  • Drums are the hardest instrument to get right in the studio. Working with a producer/engineer who is also an experienced drummer like Alex makes your session run smoothly and get you on track to finishing songs quickly.

  • Bring your hard drive and take the drums tracks home to mix them yourself if you prefer.

  • Great session guitarists & bassists standing by to play on your track.

  • Cool selection of modern and vintage amps including:

  • 1965 Ampeg SB-12 Flip-top Bass amp

  • 1970 Fender Twin (no master volume)

  • 70’s Ampeg Gemini Guitar Amp

  • Suhr Badger 35 Amp (head)

  • Separate Vocal Booth with window to drummer (9′ x 11′)

  • 24 HDX Inputs & 30 Channels Analog Summing (Shadow Hills Equinox

  • ProTools 2021.7 and Ableton Live Studio 11

  • Entire band live recording with 4 headphone mixers (Behringer P16-M)

  • Separate Large Control Room

  • Shadow Hills Equinox 32 channel summing mixer/

Need real drums and great guitar?

Programmed samples?

Or both?

Whether your music is:





We got all that covered. Lunchroom is a 3 (separate) room studio with:


9′ x 11′ Vocal Booth

16′ x 19′ Live room

17′ x 19′ Control Room

Lunchroom studio is a full service audio and music recording studio for live bands, singer song-writers, producers, film makers, players, and voice-over talent who need a creative space to record tracks from scratch or overdub vocals and finish tracks already started.  Just outside Austin, TX in Buda, the studio is about recording live instruments and/or sampled sounds, editing, restoration, voice-over, mixing, and mastering for music production, film, and video.

Recording, mixing, and editing $55/hour. 1 Hour deposit to book a session.

Mastering $50 per song.


“great and easy to work with!”

Gerard E.


Great and easy to work with! We had a great experience working with Alex!

“take a look here first”

Elliott P.


Before you make any decision to go to someone else I suggest you take a look here first. Alex is the producer at lunchroom Audio and I have worked with him many times now. Every single time I have been there I have received the absolute best service possible.

“track sounded great”

Emily F.


 “Alex did a great job recording my music! He went above and beyond to make sure that the track sounded great. The quality of the recording is great for a really great price. I will definitely be back to record my entire EP.”

“best producer”

 Terrell W.


“Alex Moore is the best of the best producer and engineer l’ve ever worked with. He’s very professional, open minded, He keeps his word.

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FM1626  Buda, Texas 78610